Vascular Testing (PADnet)

PADnet is the only peripheral arterial disease diagnostic device, covered by most insurances, that can be used by medical staff in primary and podiatric care settings to test for PAD in less than 20 minutes. PADnet studies can be interpreted by vascular specialists via secure Web links. This noninvasive test is used by Internists, Family Practitioners, Podiatrists, Endocrinologists, and Community Hospitals.

A Better Way To Identify and Test for PAD

Over 8 Million in US have PAD

More than 8 million Americans have peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Without proper treatment 30% of these people are likely to die in the next five years due to PAD-related heart attack or stroke. In addition, patients can lose limbs. PAD is currently underdiagnosed and under-treated because there has not been a testing device that is easy-to-use, reimbursable, and profitable. PADnet changes this grim equation.

Comprehensive Training Ensures Quality

We teach you or your staff how to perform these tests in less than one day on live patients. Our onsite training is only part of our industry leading training program. Technical training is provided on essentials of vascular disease, vascular testing methodologies including PADnet and basics of study interpretation. A certification program is included.

The Easiest Method to Test for Peripheral Arterial Disease

The PADnet Lab eliminates the use of Doppler Ultrasound to obtain the ABI (ankle brachial index) and TBI (toe brachial index) values. The ABI is the single best screening test for cardiovascular disease, and the TBI is a replacement for the ABI for those patients whose ankle vessels are non-compressible.

And it includes a plethysmograph, technology which produces PVR waveforms, an indication of the functional status of the limb. Combining segmental pressure (ABI index) and plethysmography (PVR waveforms), physicians can quickly assess both the quality and quantity of blood flow. And combining these technologies means PADnet studies are reimbursable for patients who need the exams.

One Day Diagnosis

Primary Care Physicians and Podiatrists who use PADnet can provide their patients immediate referrals to specialists without those patients having to see a specialist. Test results are referred to vascular specialists of their choice via our HIPPA compliant website.

Diagnosis and recommendations are sent back usually within 24 hours. Patients who really need follow-up care can be referred on for appropriate follow-up. Specialists who participate as Hubs in PADnet networks receive many new patients this way patients who they can truly help.

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