Diabetic Shoe Program (Dr. Comfort)

Dr. Blanck has started working with the Dr. Comfort shoe company to provide extra-depth shoes for patients with diabetes, or anyone else who is interested in well-made leather shoes suitable for everyday use. If you have diabetes, Medicare and most insurance will pay for you to obtain one pair of shoes and three pairs of custom, heat-molded insoles per year. Dr. Blanck will personally fit the shoes, and then they will be ordered and shipped to the office in about a week. You then return to have the shoes dispensed and the inserts heat-molded. The office takes care of filing your insurance for you. We also keep track of when you need a new pair of insoles (every four months) and even when it is time for a new pair of shoes (every year). If you do not have diabetes, these shoes are available for your purchase at a very reasonable cost. Dr. Blanck feels that they are of a very high quality and very similar to SAS and Easy Spirit shoes. A one month follow-up appointment will be made when you receive your shoes to make sure you are adjusting to them well.

Dr. Blanck recommends that every patient with diabetes think about the proper shoegear as an integral part of a comprehensive foot care program, to include routine foot care such as trimming of the toenails. This is why he has decided to provide shoes as an important service to his patients! If you have any questions about the specifics of this program, please call our office, or ask when you make your appointment.

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